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  • R&D of all-solid-state thin film lithium ion battery

    Contest: 1st contest 1000 Plan appraisal batch: 10th batch

    Wang Guangxin, chairman of Kunshan HPmaterials Technology Co. Ltd.: Prof. Wang Guangxin studied and worked at Germany, the United States and other countries for nearly 25 years, and has been active in R&D and production of new technology, new process and new materials. He has made great achievements in the high purity electronic materials, high temperature materials and composite materials. He holds 10 invention patents in the United States and eight invention patents in China, published 58 research theses and a monograph. He used to work as chief engineer at Honeywell Electronic Materials, and developed a new process that can refine cobalt of general industrial purity to 99.9995% high purity cobalt. Up to now, the 99.9995% cobalt produced with the process is still the purest cobalt available in the global market.