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    Participants' qualifications:

    1. All start-up teams and initial start-ups with entrepreneurial passion and dreams are eligible participants.

    2. Early entrepreneurs and teams have been established and registration for less than 4 years (that is, the enterprise established after January 1.2020).



    Winners will receive the following awards from the Center:

    Start-up teams may compete through demonstrating their innovative technologies and business models, seeking for the necessary resources needed for business growth.

    Investors may seek and incubate projects with investment value at the contest. 

    Entrepreneurs may learn about the latest technological progress during the contest, with the aim of looking for industrial integration and M&A opportunities.

    The contest, through the combination of sci-tech, talent and capital, will help both domestic and foreign talents to innovate and start businesses in China, thus contributing to scientific development and social progress. 


    Project awards:

    Start-up enterprise funds

    The venture capital is composed of contest bonus, the preferential policy of Science and technology of SIP, Jin he Angel Fund (investment intention) and so on.

    The first prize for 1 person: the maximum bonus can exceed 10 million Yuan.

    The two prize for 4 person: the maximum bonus can exceed 5 million Yuan.

    The three prize is for 15 person: the maximum bonus can exceed 3 million Yuan.

    The encouraging prize for 30 person: the maximum bonus of more than 1 million Yuan.


    To participate the competition program you will gain the following things:

    (1) face to face entrepreneurship guide of the famous entrepreneurship tutors;

    (2) the investment and financing docking service provided by the center of more than 80 well-known funds;

    (3)  the whole process consulting service provided by the center for returning to the country;

    (4) free value-added services as industrial resources expansion, setting carrier promotion, brand publicity and so on.

    (5) the green channel for the declaration of talent.