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  • Contaminated gas analyzer

    Contest: 1st contest 1000 Plan appraisal batch: Innovation category

    Cao Wenwu: Prof. Cao received his bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics from Jilin University in January 1982, and his doctorate in condensed state physics from Pennsylvania State University in May 1987. He worked as post-doctorate, assistant professor and assistant research fellow, associate professor and associate at Pennsylvania State University successively. He was engaged as lifetime professor by the Department of Mathematics and Materials Research Institute of Pennsylvania State University, concurrently professor at the Biological Engineering Department and the Department of Materials. Cao was engaged as professor of Department Physics and Materials Science of the City University of Hong Kong between 2000 and 2003. He is part-time professor of the City University of Hong Kong and Nanjing University and visiting professor and doctoral supervisor at Harbin Institute of Technology.