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  • Wuhan Youngsen Biotech Co. Ltd.

    Contest: 1st contest 1000 Plan appraisal batch: 14th batch

    Ouyang Chenxi, founder of Wuhan Youngsen Biotech Co. Ltd., and Wuhan Beilong Medical Co. Ltd.: Dr. Ouyang Chenxi returned China in 2003 and worked as technical backbone at the vascular surgery department of Wuhan Union Hospital, and has completed 1,500 vascular surgeries, including nearly 100 great vessel surgeries, including abdominal aortic aneurysm, thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm and thoracoabdominal aortic dissection etc. He has advanced to the leading level in the surgical treatment of vena cava tumors, carotid stenosis and polyarteritis and other intractable cases. He has published more than 30 theses and two clinical works, and works as chief editor of Asian Cases Report in Surgery and Asian Case Reports in Vascular Medicine. He is concurrently contributing editor-in-charge and member of the editorial board of several professional journals. In April 2009 he was dedicated to translation medicine research and received one invention patent “a fabric-reinforced composite vascular prosthesis”. Dr. Ouyang became the last disciple of Academician Qiu Fazu in 2008, chaired and participated in seven projects, including projects under the 973 Program, National Natural Foundation of China, and other ministerial, provincial and municipal scientific funds. He received a Second Prize of National Technological Invention and a second prize of Technological Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, and the first prize at 2008 Chunhui Cup Returned Chinese Innovation and Start-up Contest.