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  • Suzhou Yabao Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd.

    Contest: 3rd contest 1000 Plan appraisal batch: 1st batch

    Wang Peng, vice chairman of Yabao Pharmaceutical Group, president of Beijing Drug Research Institute in Yabao Pharmaceutical Group, and general manager of Suzhou Yabao Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd: Wang spent 18 years in innovative drugs discovery at SPRI of the United States, where he made significant contributions to the discovery and early development of nine candidate drugs; In 2008, he was vice chairman of Wuxi AppTec to be responsible for the biological research and development; In 2009, Wang worked in Simcere as vice chairman and chief scientific officer; In 2013, he joined Yabao Pharmaceutical Group to be president of Beijing Drug Research Institute.