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  • Sulfide Hirudin -Grade I biomedine for treatment of cardiovascular diseases

    Contest: 2nd contest 1000 Plan appraisal batch: 7th batch

    Liu Wenshe, founder of Suzhou Kunpeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (KP Biotech):Liu received his Ph.D. from the University of California in 2005. In February 2013, he founded KP Biotech on the development of hirudin and new insulin. Currently, the company has boasted 8 invention patents and Professor Liu won the titles of “Talents in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province”, “Talents in Six Fields”, “Gusu Talents” and “Leading Entrepreneurs in Kunshan City”. Professor Liu successfully developed a new protein modification technology with independent intellectual property right, known as non-natural amino acid protein modification technology. In addition, he has been worked the research of long-acting insulin and hirudin for years and has gained many project funds including provincial science& technology innovation fund and Kunshan city social development fund. The declarations for clinical trial are expected at the end of this year and the end of next year.